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Your reflections on the many faces of Islam was a poridge of platitudes except for Ms. Romero's unabashed anger at everyone. However, it ignored the many fascinating questions about that particular closed logic system:

1) How did Islam conquer so much territory so quickly?
2) What powered its meteoric elevation of arts, science and commerce?
3) Why did it make women, the life givers, second class or worse?
4) Why did it implode after giving us (among other things) mathematics, superb buildings, paper money and texts, infectious disease wards and naming every star in the sky?

Your participant from Spain where Muslims, Jews and Christians still are tolerant likely knows the answers. When Suliman the Great destroyed the Crusader invasion, he allowed the survivors to leave the Holy Lands or stay and practice any religion they wanted. That was in stark contrast to the wholesale slaughter of Muslims and Christians by the Crusaders.

Partnering with Jews in the lands they conquered by superior swordsmanship allowed camel herding nomads to run the huge cities within a few hundred years of bursting out of Arabia. The major split in Islam diluted its power and both factions attacking the Jews literally cut off its head. Nations with that religion soon became second class in science and commerce and are to this day except for oil wealth which likely will be under pressure from other energy sources.

The relagation of women to servant class is simple Job-Security on the part of the men.

These are issues your program should be addressing.

Paul Wheeler