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Islam means to surrender. To me it is a natural way of life without question. My name is Queen Sheba and I took my shahada when I was 14.
I fell in love with this religion at the age of 11. I believe all of humanity are Muslim in some shape, form of fashion.I am often amazed at how many are practicing and being more aware of this faith which claims are races and ethnic groups globally. Being Muslims means beauty and freedom. Islam is splendor and all facets of this deen is remarkable. When you take notice to nature and people it is a reflection of various if not many verses in the Holy Quran.

It makes since to worship daily and teach others the same about the numerous rituals one practices dutifully.Gratitude is action in practice and not just by word of mouth. The African American Islamic Institute founded by our beloved Shaykh Hassan Cisse (may GOD be pleased with his work) was a very humble scholar and teacher who taught us much about Islam before he returned to GOD.

I hope by the sometimes negative coverage in the media about this glorious faith that one would pay attention enough to research our faith and hope it will unfold much light and education that they too can accept Islam as a way of life as I did many years ago.

Peace be upon you