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Thank you for providing this background and for all of the people that have responded to the call for their expressions Living Islam.
I grew up and have lived in a small rural MN area and for the most part have not lived more than 30 miles from where I grew up. I recently have had to travel to a larger city to find work and have (after 50 years) come in contact with people of different faiths (other than Christian) and have not wanted to offend anybody by asking what may appear to be silly questions.
The stories that the people have sent in have really helped me to gain some insight to their daily lives and a little about their faith. I especially liked the story from Mr. Allee Ramadan and how it took the fallout from 9-11 for him to reevaluate his life as a member of Islam and how he felt he had to try to blend in with all of the other students when he was growing up.
The reason that this touched me so much is that the community I grew up in could very well be the same community as he grew up in and I wonder if any of my fellow classmates felt the way he did (I hope not). I remember leaving school once a week for Bible study and really never gave it any thought if somebody in the class did not leave when the rest of the class did and can only imagine how they felt if they were left behind.
If you want to share this with Mr. Allee Ramadan that would be great as he opened my eyes to my childhood and how our community may have (without even trying) missed out on opportunities to make somebody feel welcome and to have learned from them at the same time. I am so proud that he has come from being a student that felt compelled to blend in to a proud member of Islam that let his voice be heard throughout the world.
Thank you MR Ramadan
Jerry Jasmer