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This was such an inspiring show. I have many wonderful relationships with people whose political views are completely different from mine. I deeply value the common ground of being human. It has been my experience that the biggest problem in communication is that we don't know how to LISTEN. When another is speaking, we are usually listening to our own thoughts and rehearsing our responses rather than simply receiving the idea, perspective, and thought of the other. (Oddly enough, I believe that this comes from a driven need to be heard)! By suspending our own 'thought chatter' in order to hear anothers perspective, it does not mean that we are automatically changing our perspective or agreeing with them. It also does not mean that we will forget our brilliant views. In fact, if we were to take the time to be curious and interested in understanding another viewpoint and to make an effort to understand what the other is saying, our response might be even more brilliant!