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I am heartened to hear that every-day, in-person conversation is the fabric of human interaction that allows us to live with our differences. I was struck by the mention of Town Squares as the place where every-day exchanges used to take place. It made me think of the rise of community gardens - in cities, suburbs and even rural towns like mine. Community gardens can be the new Town Square where we share with each other about the weather, what variety of green bean is best, stories of how our mothers and grandmothers grew the best tomatoes or put up the most peaches. And in this day and age where it is an all-around good thing to grow our food closer to home, you've just added another benefit! Another connection I made is to a periodic column in my local newspaper called, Our Neighbors, by Becky Karush. It is wonderfully written and after reading each piece I feel as if I have had a very personal exchange with someone in my community who although might have a very different political orientation from me, shares many of life's joys and sorrows. Here is the most recent one: Thank you, Krista, for another great show.