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I love this show! Not just this one, but in general. Thank you.

Re this one, I think your guest (Kwame Anthony Appiah) gave voice and structure to a frustration I've felt for some time about recent political issues and debates, and the media coverage thereof. Speakers will not (or cannot) explain the reasoning behind their particular beliefs, making them seem more like religious tenets than philosophical viewpoints. Reporters/interviewers don't help, as their questions--those that end up on the air, at any rate--dig no deeper into the "why" of what is said. We get no sense that people have reached these conclusions through empirical or thoughtful means. It's as if they received a beliefs menu and checked off a few options--or went with the daily special. Perhaps if we knew some of the experiences and thoughts along the way that led that person to those conclusions, we all might be able to be more understanding, less strident.

No story to share, here, just a rather disjointed thought on a Sunday morning.