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I'm a Unity minister and tomorrow, the fifth Sunday of Lent, I'm speaking about Overcoming. I will review the experience of overcoming in which we participate - consciously or not. I will recap the many personal things we overcome by praying, meditation, denying, affirming, setting intentions, etc. Those incluse things like fear, shyness, procrastination, insecurity, jealousy, overeating, addiction, anxiety, indecisiveness, etc. Then, because I listed to this podcast on my walk the last two days, I'm going to add something new. The quote I'm using dates to the turn of that last century and was written by Charles Fillmore, "The work that I have to do as a overcomer for the world is to help establish a new race consciousness, a new heaven and a new earth." I'm inviting people to join me in the intention to overcome ideas that perpetuate dualism. Thanks to you, I will use some of the examples that Kwame provided and, thanks to you, I will take them "to the streets." Thank you. I appreciate you. I behold the Christ as you.