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Dear Krista,
I always enjoy your show and enjoyed your book too. You always seem to do your homework by researching and checking things out.

That is why I was a little surprised to find your outline of the stem cell program makes no mention at all of non-embryonic stem cells.

There is an excellent website called Do No Harm that is maintained by several medical professionals.
One them worked/works at Mayo Clinic. Another is from Brown University, I believe the school you graduated from.

The main gist of the site is there is absolutely no need for embryonic stem cell research. Many different treatments have already been discovered using non-embryonic stem cells. 73 to be exact.

This is compared to no diseases treated from embryonic cells.

Another similar site is:

Here are a few other URLs that give treatments from adult / non-embryonic stem cells.

My question is, why do the questionable thing when there is a 100% safe, effective, non-destructive alternative that shows more and more promise?