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What an incredible story! I can't imagine how anyone came up with the idea to wash out the existing cells from organs and replace them. And a heart that beats on its own -- wow! Fascinating and encouraging research.

As a seminary graduate though, I am concerned about the idea behind this that science is "creating" life. Science gives us a better understanding of what God created. Religion and science can work together, as long as we remember that. I am also concerned about the use of fertilized eggs for the harvesting of stem cells. I know that there has been research done on menstrual blood and that it contains millions of stem cells -- everything needed to nurture the fetus. Other options were presented in the story, as well. Since we have them, why not make use of them.

I was also surprised that so little was said about nutrition, other than a few remarks about what happens when one eats a "cheese burger." Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Laureate, was a leader in Orthomolecular Medicine and demonstrated that degenerative diseases could be prevented and often cured by high dose nutrients, along with proper diet. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are the building blocks of the cells, and in optimum doses can change gene expression. In fact, telomeres are longer in those who take regular nutrient supplements than those who do not. Stress can come in many forms, both emotional and environmental, and high dose nutrients can reduce the damaging effects.

We are "wonderfully and fearfully made," and our need for proper nutrition hasn't changed since The Beginning. However, due to modern life-styles, nutrient deficient soil and food, and environmental toxins, we need to get those nutrients in larger doses through supplements, and even by IV, in order to combat these problems.

Thanks for an awe inspiring story!