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I was listening to your show this morning, Sunday, November 1st. The topic was "Stem Cells, Untold Story", with Doris Taylor. One particular comment that Doris made stood out to me. She was reassuring the public that the stem cells she uses do not come from aborted fetuses but rather from embryos left over from IVF procedures. She said that these embryos would either be frozen or destroyed and those two options were the only ones available to these extra embryos. The one option she failed to mention was the fact that these embryos could be adopted by people - other than the ones that created them. I know this for a fact because I am the mother of 2 1/2 year old twins who were adopted as 3 day old, 8 cell embryos, after being frozen for 3 years. These "left over" embryos are so much more than cells to be used for research. These "left over" embryos are human beings at the most tiny, precious, vulnerable and defenseless stage in their development as image-bearers of God who bestows them (and, indeed, all of us) with dignity from conception. Destroying them to use their stem cells is no different than aborting a fetus that has already begun to grow in a woman's womb. That is, any basis on which to distinguish them from fetuses can only be arbitrary.

My request is that if you are going to do programs like this that you make an effort to present ALL the facts, not just the opinions of people with God-less presuppositions.

Thank you,
Lori Burroughs