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I recently discovered SOF several weeks ago with the interview of Eckhard Tolle, then Jaroslav Pelikan and this week with Doris Taylor. Krista Tippett is capable of a high level of discussion on various topics.

In that late 1980s I was interested in learning about the use of artificial insemination in breeding horses. I learned that of all the animals currently bred by human intervention only the Thoroughbred race horse was still strictly bred by natural means. No one seems to know the reason (other than tradition) but I discovered a book written in the early part of the 20th century by the Italian Senator and world- reknown breeder Federico Tesio. The book is "Breeding the Race Horse" (Published in 1958 by J.A. Allen, London) currently out-of-print but available through He conducted a non-scientific study over a period of twenty years using artificial insemination (observing race horses in training) and concluded that:
1- All Thoroughbreds (TBs) bred by artificial insemination outwardly appeared normal inheriting Mendelian characteristics.
2- When these horses reached the track at age three for training not one was able to produce adequate nervous energy to be competitive.
The inference was that there is a connection between nervous energy and method of breeding. He compared artificial insemination to the type of reproduction in nature of plant life stating that animals are endowed with a nervous vitality lacking in plants. He rejected the use of this technology citing that it was not science.