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As I listened to the program, I gathered more information to help understand my daughter's recent catastrophic illness. She was a strong, healthy, talented 26-year old woman. But the stress was overwhelming for a recent college graduate in her first professional job. Last summer I watched her decline from body aches and pains to the point that she lost the ability to work, drive, think clearly and finally to talk. I left my own home and job and spent a month living in her apartment, working through the medical exploration of the illness. In the midst of it, I developed a case of Shingles—the doctors said it was brought on by my own stress of trying to manage her illness as well as my own long distance job.

We were lucky that she had two wonderful doctors, plus great insurance that covered a week of medical and psychological tests (they first thought she was a psychiatric patient). She was finally diagnosed with Lupus Cerebritis and Hypothyroid disease—both lifelong diseases that are manageable, but have no cure. I have known since the beginning these diseases were brought on by stress. Our family is very careful about how we handle stress in our lives now. I am glad to hear that meditation builds stem cells, and stem cells control inflammation—which was the first sign of my daughter’s decline. This interview added to my knowledge of how to integrate Lupus into our lives.

“Speaking of Faith” offers some pretty wonderful interviews. Thanks for thoughtfully addressing important issues that make us think about who we are.