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The relationship between stress , inflammation and cancer I have seen first hand when my mother passed on at 48. I often say it was kids and cancer in that order. She had three children with a man who left when the youngest was about three (me). She tormented herself as her children went into a orphanage for six years and finally remarried a man with five kids ranging from 2 to 20 years. Her years were constant trips to police stations,emergency rooms,doctors, family therapists and probation officers. She lived long enough to enjoy two grandchildren and knowing her youngest child had married. There was never a spiritual sanctuary nor any peace of any kind for her.

I was amazed when Doris Taylor said how meditation increased the stem cells in the blood! Maybe just as exercise release endorphins. I also feel that many elements of our diets increase this inflammation process. I firmly believe that The Ultra Mind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman identifies cell inflammation sources. There is a continuity of thought about how cells communicate and rejuvenate between Mark Hyman and Doris Taylor. I think Doris Taylor just finished my searching for an answer to well being of the soul-just as Hyman has found the physiological answer to effective cell rejuvenation.

I have a hard time maintaining peace of mind and enjoying whats good about life.I was a "Dennis the Menace" hyper child and found building beach sand castles the most soothing thing I did. Our ADHD son (now 29) spent years on Ritalin yet on the beach building sand castles with dad never needed medication and always in a relaxed mood.To this day he will build castles on the beach and I understand now he just as I did as a hyper child (and adult) has found his way to reverse stress. I'm 57 and after your show I'm creating a spiritual inventory to reverse stress.