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Doris Taylor seemed at a loss to respond to the contention that such things as harvesting stem cells is "strip-mining humanity". In fact, she seemed incapable of even comprehending the meaning of that expression. That is not surprising, since Science has become the religion of the West, and true believers of any persuasion are unable or unwilling to question or even acknowledge their basic axioms.

The primary axiom of Science is that, by analyzing the world to its basic building blocks (cells, atoms, gravity, etc.), all things will be understood and all things can then be accomplished through science's handmaiden, technology (or medicine).

"It all comes down to the cell" she asserted. But an intense focus on the minutiae prevents one from "seeing the forest for the trees". Human beings are not simply an assemblage of cells, and no analytical approach can ever hope to understand our wholeness as living creatures.

It was ironic that Ms. Taylor used the example of the 4,000 year old practice of chewing on willow bark as an analgesic, anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory. She suggested that our grandmothers didn't realize they were taking aspirin. A more accurate assessment would have been: modern medicine doesn't realize that by extracting the "active ingredient" - salicylic acid - they turned a whole medicine into a drug that ulcerates the stomach and can cause the potentially fatal Reye's syndrome.

Unlike the isolated chemical, aspirin, which was named after the spiraea ulmaria (meadowseet) from which it was derived, the meadowseet plant also contains tannins, phenolic glycosides and the herb's essential oil, all of which not only prevent but cure peptic ulcers (and heartburn).

Just as whole plant medicine (and any holistic approach to healing (which comes from the word for "whole") is superior to any analytic approach, a holistic understanding of the human being is necessary for both true healing and authentic spirituality (and the wholesome ethics which is inherent to it).

It requires a very narrowly-focused approach to life believe that we can mimic natural ontogeny and create a living heart in a laboratory. One would have to accept the now-discredited understanding of the heart as simply a muscular pump, when cutting-edge research has demonstrated that the heart is primarily a neural nexis for endocrine control and the primary communicator (electro-magnetic resonator) of the body.

Modern Science and medicine belittles the human being, ignores the interactive wholeness of the body and its complex relationship with its environment, and dismisses the soul entirely. Such is the nature of Doris Taylor's "religion".