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I really loved the program with Doris Taylor on stem cell research. It is exciting to imagine what possibilities will develop in the years to come from all this research and development. And I so admire people who have the stamina and conviction to continue their work even in the midst of great controversy and even discouragement. I know there was not time enough to go into the many side subjects, but I would love to have been able to hear her view on how this new technology will impact our earth in the future when we are able to do all these things and are actually able cure and prevent so many various illnesses and slow or even reverse the aging process. How will we cope with an even greater population explosion than we can imagine? And ethically, how will we determine who is able to receive all these benefits? In our culture today we seem to go with wealth (or extreme poverty), but how will we even deal with the economics of these new and exciting inovations! As wonderful and exciting as this topic was to hear, especially since I'm coming to the point in my life when those telemers are shortening pretty rapidly, it was also a bit frightening as well, wondering what the conseqences of this would be for the generations yet to come. They will have some very difficult questions to answer for sure.