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Thank you for the interesting and informative conversation with Doris Taylor.

I was disappointed, though, in the discussion about ethical concerns. At the beginning of the broadcast, it was suggested that there would be an attempt to clear up misunderstandings. While Ms. Taylor’s explanation of exactly where embryonic stem cells come from (a fertilized egg, rather than a fetus) may be useful, I was hoping for a clear definition of the difference between the use of embryonic stem cells and of adult stem cells.

The ethical objection is specifically to embryonic stem cells, even if they come from a fertilized egg, which is still human. The argument that fertilized eggs should be used because we don’t really know what to do with these never implanted products of in vitro fertilization, only emphasizes the problem we’ve gotten ourselves into by pursuing in vitro fertilization.

The use of adult stem cells, on the other hand, is objected to by no one that I know of. And, most, if not all, of the breakthroughs have come through the use of adult stem cells.