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I have a bit of contention with a comment Doris Taylor made in the interview where she said aborted embryos and fetuses (babies if you're a pro-lifer) are not able to be used for stem cells. Their bone marrow (stem cells) can be used and stem cells could be taken from their blood and from the umbelical cords. She herself stated that stem cells proliferate the body when we are young. Hence, a scrupulous abortionist could sell aborted embryos and fetuses.

One commenter stated that he had no problem using fertilized eggs (blastocysts) as they would be disposed of anyways. I understand his point, but, the fear pro-lifers have is that a fertilization clinician may take additional eggs, fertilize them, likely unbeknownst to the "parents" and then sell off unimplanted blastocysts (which pro-lifers see as a human already due to its being a human in development). Granted, perhaps laws will exist (or do exist) to stop direct payment to a scrupulous clinician, but even then she may receive other non-tracable gifts for her contributions.