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Doris Taylor provided a lot of interesting information. Also, I appreciate the goal that you stated at the end of the show of providing information for further thought and discussion. However, It is disappointing that a show on faith would not challenge the guest or at least articulate clearly the principle concern of those who disagree with human embryonic stem cell research. Many people believe for very thoughtful reasons that human embryos are humans and therefore they should be treated with the same respect and dignity as any human and not used as unwitting subjects of science experiments. Granted Ms. Taylor claims her goal is to help people. But for many of us she is helping one set of people at the very dear expense of others. In a sense committing genocide on people who happen to be the unwanted progeny of in vitro fertilization. Just like the Jews were unwanted in Hitler’s Germany. It would have only taken about 30 seconds to clearly articulate this widely held faith based view and yet you could not spare 30 seconds to speak of it in an almost hour long show. The only conclusion one can draw from this is that you support Ms. Taylor’s position and the show was just a thinly veiled attempt to promote it or you are not competent to understand the “embryos are humans” concept which is widely held by many. Since, you went on for abut 50 minutes on very complex biological studies I must assume you are competent to understand the simple concept “embryos are humans and should be treated as such.” So, I must draw the former conclusion. Speaking of Faith is a publicly funded program promoting human embryonic stem cell research; an activity many find to be gravely unethical.