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Hello, I listened to the story of Dr. Doris Taylor's research this last weekend on WKNO while in Memphis. Thank you for sharing this interesting work with us. To my knowledge, this was my first time hearing your program and I look forward to more.

I would like to comment on Dr. Taylor's remarks about the objections to stem cell research: I believe that she somewhat mischaracterized the nature of those objections. Most people to whom I've spoken regarding this issue do not believe that embryonic stem cells are collected from aborted fetuses. On the contrary, I believe the principled objections of those opposed to embryonic stem cell research are not necessarily to the actual research and use of embryonic stem cells, but rather to the current manner in which they are obtained; those against ESCR are specifically objecting to the destruction of human embryos that necessarily results when stem cells are harvested from them, believing that such destruction is not justified by the scientific use of those stem cells. If embryonic stem cells can be obtained without destruction of embryos, then such objections would disappear. And thus opponents of ESCR are largely in favor of further developing alternative methods of obta ining stem cells, such as through dedifferentiation, altered nuclear transfer, use of induced pluripotent stem cells and use of adult stem cells. I don't believe that there are any objections to those other methods. In short, ESCR opponents are in favor of any type of stem cell research that does not include the killing of living human beings, even in the embryonic stage of development.

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Will Masters