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It seems that when you think of stem cell research, you think of mass protests, abortions. An overall social stigma seems attached to the word. However, I have believed for a long time now that the benefit of this research outweighs the downfalls. It sees that if people knew the truth about where it is that most of these cells are coming from, there would be less stigma associated with the issue. It seems that the potential of curing life threatening diseases or crippling disabilities far outweighs just having the embryos discarded.

I also found Doris Taylor's ideas on cancer and how they can possible relate to a lack of replenished stem cells interesting. I would have to say that it is very plausible. It seems that in today's society, stress is the number one problem everyone seems to be facing. And according to Taylor, stress has been proven to reduce stem cells in the body. So it is not so farfetched to associate stress with the large number of cancer cases that plague our society today.