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Pre-program reflection:

I wonder if Doris Taylor has considered that, because meditation increases stem cell activity, the manifestation of such life-building entities is an epiphenomenon of life-enhancing behavior, thought and intention.

The comparison between the discoveries of DNA and stem cells as equally paradigm-shifting must also take into account the newer and more comprehensive field of epigenetics, which has revealed that DNA is merely the blueprint and not the architect of our physical unfolding. It is the infinitely complex relationship between organism and environment (an artificial separation) that conducts the symphony of both species and individual evolution.

Medical science, like the entire field of scientific endeavor, is built upon the isolation and manipulation of individual structures, and is typically blind to the interactions of the field as a whole.

Interestingly, quantum science has led us to the inescapable and anti-scientific conclusion that the fundamental reality of the universe is the field and that this field is conscious and intelligent. The human mind will never have the comprehension or intelligence to safely manipulate that field, and it is just that hubris which has precipitated the multiple convergent crises that humanity now faces.

That is the true moral issue at hand.