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Just a comment on the stem-cell program. It was an interesting program, of course, but the scientist made two mistakes. By not using embryonic stem cells, it doesn't mean we're not using stem cells to try to heal someone. Embryonic stem cells aren't necessary, they haven't cured anyone, as opposed to adult stem cells, and they also tend toward tumors, as opposed to adult stem cells. Her other mistake was that the embryos that are discarded - to use them in embryonic stem cell research - is indeed the same as if cells were being used from aborted babies. Both are human beings, and we can't ethically kill an embryo, even if it will eventually be allowed to go out of physical existence, because you can't kill it, it is someone. The idea that people against embryonic stem cell research are against research is not true at all: embryonic stem cell research is immoral since someone is killed, and it doesn't even work and is unnecessary since we have adult stem cells. When she said that adult stem cells aren't developed enough - ? What's that? The adult stem cells are partially developed into an area of the body, where the embryonic ones are pluripotent or can become anything.