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Dear Krista, While I applaud your inclusion of the issue of stem cell research on the show, I am very disappointed by the fact that your guest provided a very limited and one-sided perspective of the moral issues inherent to the research. I am a 28-year juvenile diabetic and a health lawyer. Among other things, I research and lecture on bioethical issues, including the issue of embryonic stem cell research (referencing various faith and legal perspectives on the issue). Your guest portrayed the issue as if the "fertilized egg" is not an embryo that is a complete genetic human entity. In addition, she portrayed that once people of faith (at churches, etc.) understand the science, they then do not equate it with abortion, or the destruction of prenatal human life. This is incorrect and a very simplified and one-sided view of the deep ethical issues. I think it is both irresponsible and disingenuous for you to present a highly multi-faceted to pic in such a surface and limited review. I suggest that you provide a well-rounded follow-up to your program that includes the profound moral dilemmas raised by embryonic stem cell research for people of various faith perspectives. Thank you, Jerri Nims Rooker