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The discussion with Doris Taylor was very interesting and thought provoking. It is generally inspiring to hear a thoughtful person who is passionate about their work. I've always found the fact that individual heart cells isolated in a petri dish begin to beat in synch when brought together points toward the cor(e) of the deepest mystery. And bodies are just so amazing. I was intriqued by Doris's theory of againg, and possible theory of cancer, and the recasting of basic biological assumptions through the lens of stem cells. I'm grateful for how she has advanced understanding. And it was good to put stem cells into context.

Two things that Doris said made my brow furrow, though. Several times she said that we had been given this tool and we had to use it. Keeping to her metaphor, I do not feel that just because I was been given a hammer I should go around pounding on things. I take it out for very particular jobs, and am content to let it lie unused most of the time.

And when you asked how she felt about the strip mining quote, she got a bit agitated and gave lots of images of sick and dying people and seemed to feel that they had to be saved from disease and death. I can see why one would want to help people, but the idea that we should try to fix disease and death doesn't sit well with me. Do we do this for all creatures or only humans? And when we have all these people (and other creatures)who have been spared from aging and sickness, and everybody still reproducing, don't we end up with standing room only pretty quickly? What about the waiting-to-become--shouldn't they get a turn?