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Most telling in the interview with Doris Taylor I found her answer to William Saletan’s question: “How far should we strip-mine humanity in order to save it?” I wish her initial pause would have been longer and her following monolog, never interrupted by a hopefully incredulous Krita, shorter.
I admit that Saletan’s question was phrased to elicit contradiction rather than thoughtful reflection; but Dr. Taylor must have pondered the essence of this question before.
I was shocked to see her describe her opponents as superstitious, religious fundamentalists, without acknowledging that religions have thought to address the question at hand for millennia in a profound and meaningful way.
Her unfaltering faith in progress of science and technology needs a good dose of John Gray’s “Straw Dogs.” After her trip to the pediatric ICU and the visit with myelodysplatic and cerebral palsy kids and their parents she ought to join Krista’s guest from the week before, Nicholas Kristof, in Africa to gain a bigger view of the world.
After her stem cell conquer the atrophy of the telomere and our ultimate dream of immortality is reality, could that new reality, now as unthinkable as the human genome was 30 years ago, could it invite some social problems? Or should we better not think about that?