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Last week's program with Doris Taylor re: stem cells simply blew me away..I have re-listened to it twice and before your next broadcast on Sun Morning I will re-listen to it again...In her wirds it was a "wow" moment for me...her explanations were so clear, so inciteful and so filled with awe and wonder and gratefulness for me..grateful that you are who you are, that she is who she is and that I am who I am...I too know we are all interconnected and on every level...but she saw it there on the petri dish, the beating of life at probably the most basic level any one will ever "Doris, it's beating"...another wow moment...and meditation after 15 minutes and the cell stem reverses and lengthens many least one person who heads a very large group of former Catholics who are attempting to bring the Catholic Hierarchy up to date is attempting to list her on an international conference itinerary as a head speaker afte r I told her about Doris Taylor...Thanks and again "wow" I'll talk about Doris and your show at chapel Sunday...I am certain everyone there will want to hear about cell stems and Ms Doris Taylor...Roger Ethier, Director, Engineers Without Borders Int, Shepherdatown, WV.