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This was a great interview with Doris Taylor who does research at the U of M. She had a major break through in 2008 and was able to bring back to life a dead rats heart. Doris explains that the process was basic. They took a dead rats heart and essentially washed out all of the dead cells. She said they actually used shampoo soap! Then they injected stem cells and 8 days later, viola! The heart was alive again!

Doris went on to explain what this means for science, medicine and the human body. Stem cells have the ability to generate into any human organ, skin as well. Recently (in the past few years) it has been discovered that bone marrow is made up of stem cells. So when a bone marrow transplant is done it is basically a stem cell transplant. The use of stem cells will eventually lead to cancer cures and a stasis in aging.Doris was very careful to explain that these cells being used for research such as this do NOT come from abortions. They are simply fertilized eggs that have been donated for research reasons. Cells from an abortion do not help in this research because the stem cell already have organ cells.

Every human body has stem cells. These cells regenerate themselves every time we are sick or get hurt. Until one day they can no longer do this. Then we begin to get old. The stem cells that we have as adults can only regenerate so many times and then they die. According to Doris if we reduce our stress by doing things such as meditation then it is possible to stay younger,healthier longer because it helps to keep us from using up our stem cell supply to quickly. Doris did an experiments with Matthieu Ricard who is a french philosopher Buddhist. While he meditated she was able to measure cells in his blood before and after meditation. After meditating for 15 minutes there was a huge increase in positive stem cells!

I personally found this awesome. In no way did I feel like my morals were being tested while I listened to the interview. I am currantly a nurse and this is a hot topic(has been) in the medical industry. Nature has given us the tools to be able to cure ourselves. We just need to love ourselves enough to adhere to them.