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This broadcast features Doris Taylor, a scientist who specializes in stem cell research. She is responsible for bringing back to life the heart of a dead animal using stem cells. What they did was removed the old cells from the dead heart and added new cells to it. Days later, the heart began to beat again. The topic of stem cells is very touchy because of the moral views. Taylor says that a lot of the apprehension of stem cell research comes from misunderstanding of what the actual process is and the media using the wrong terminology. An example of this is when they say fetal stem cells, which are the cells of a fetus that had already began developing. They don’t use the cells from fetuses, they use the cells from fertilized eggs that have been donated. The original intent for those eggs is for in vitro fertilization. If the eggs are not used for a certain amount of time, they are thrown out anyway.

People think it’s a moral issue because people think it is playing God in a way. Think about it, we are bringing dead organs back to life. Stem cells have the ability to repair tissue and regenerate themselves. This is great for medical reasons because they can use this for treatment of an assortment of diseases. Taylor says that we can also use stem cells to slow down aging and possibly even reverse the aging process. I personally think that aging is a natural process and God intended for us to age, but at the same time, I agree with parts of the research as far as the treatment of disease.