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I thought this podcast was very informative. I fell into what many people probably think of when they think of stem cells. I had the impression that stem cells were used from unwanted embryos more in an abortion type scenario, or embryo bank. I was unaware that they were really taken from an in vitro facility that the embryo was now not going to be used or otherwise had some kind of defect. The fact that they are taken in this way really does help my ethical thoughts on stem cell research. Being able to make a heart beat on its own sounds remarkable to me. Another thing I thought was almost just as important was on the readings of stem cells after one meditates. From what I knew the research thus far was just that stress management and meditation people know worked, but how it worked was a whole different ball game. To actually associate stem cell activity improving during times like these is just a step closer to understanding more about how the human body works. I also thought it was interesting that bone marrow transplant really was an injection of stem cells, although that part of it was not known until recent.