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"Northern Ireland had fossilized in its sectarianism..." Well that is a perfect outcome for the people who profit from the arms sales and the financial loans to manufacture/buy/sell them in these "conflict" zones.

Wonderful program about wonderful efforts and experiences. Wonderful to see the explicit knowledge Mr Lederach and others like him have gained un-doing the damages set up by ruling elites who set up these situations in the first place.

Of course, the Protestant rulers lived well off tipping off violence between Catholic young men and Protestant young men where some kind of natural money resource imbalance was set up to begin with, which was definitely the set-up in Northern Ireland since 1500s. Elizabeth I started moving Protestants to Ireland to undermine that society and make it subservient to provide cheap food for centuries to "mainland" Britain. Cromwell kept it up. The reality is that joining the EU and bringing Ireland's economy into the 20th Century is what petered out IRA terrorism as young men from humble beginnings found real jobs with real futures in a more just and fair economy. There certainly remained damages to fix up between those with raw memories and nerves.

Diddo what goes on in Congo and Rwanda today and probably most other places even Nepal with their only recently departed Royals. We know how Royals divide and conquer to dominate natural resources and wealth in any nation. Stirring up conflict amongst the plebes is teh way to do this, and we see it brewing anew in our own country today. Great to hear about the people who care to rebuild the broken ties and develop all these mediation techniques.

We also need to focus energies on spotting who is behind these disasters in the first place that tip off centuries of violence and all the psychological damage that does. The conflict metals mining operators in Congo, the CIA operatives who arranged the assassination of Lumumba for the capitalists when they didn't like the way the people voted at "Independence", the foreign "investors", the bankers who bank them all, etc etc. all play a role in these hidden chains that Lederach and the Mennonites so dutifully and compassionately clean-up after.