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I came to the site to download the interview; I was able to listen to only a part of it. I did hear about the photo and it's nice to see it.
I so valued the observation about how "going around in circles" may be more than it appears! I've been involved in various situations with a Teacher in the oral tradition that I attended many times for what was ostensibly the "same" thing, and it was different each time so it didn't feel like the same thing. This is hard to convey to those who have never been in this situation.
But what Mr. Lederach brought out that was completely new to my ears was the idea that there was a space being created that I re-entered in order to re-set something, to regain a perspective or even just a simple state of quiet so that I could listen, and that this was an experiential value that I experienced underneath the experience of hearing something new each time, which was my intellectual justification. I new there was something else, but have never been able to put it in words before.