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On Being Reflections “The Art of Peace” The stories behind,”the Art of Peace” the touchable and interesting story to listen. The guest was named John Paul Lederach,he is a professor at Notre Dame and a lifelong Mennonite activist. He is one of those who are committed to serve other in their needs and most esteemed global mediators in the world today. He background comes from a long line of Mennonites, protestant reformer who took on the biblical command for Christians to be peacemakers with a special passion. In his interviewed he applied to the Mennonite central committee to go to the middle which instead he been sent to Europe which was time when he real introduced to the world politics. It was a time when he meet a large student, from Africa, Latin America and northern Africa at housing project in Brussels, Belgium, that mostly occupied by student. Since this entire student comes from different background especially those who come from the country which colonized for many years and most the families die at war especially West Africa student. The communication he had with this students come across to help him understand how he can build peace among those country, community and family as well. For example in his interviewed how he comes to negotiations of peace by setting principles. One of their principles was ‘’we will seek to understand those who do not understands us”. He mentioned that this principle a systematic way of set conversation we arm group. In his interviewed he also talks about his daughter Angie how she has followed his footstep to West Africa Sierra Leone, with communities devastated by the experience of child soldiers. He said most her work was with how and what ways communities and particularly women work with the reintegration of child soldiers. Also he mentioned about time were she interviewing young women who were child mothers soldiers about their experience that found a very sort of flat effect of their life story. She helped this community child soldiers back into their community who actually committed violence for survival. To me these stories was very touch because I been through this kind violence and the people still living in it ,problem which the Government abounded myself, my parent and all Oromo people in East Africa, Ethiopia by torturing our parent and children as well. I wish if this kind of person heard the Oromo people who are fighting for freedom day in, day out to be free from current dictator government of Ethiopia. Gemado Koji