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This morning I caught only the very end of your program with Sherwin Nuland. I was most struck by his remarks from his presented at the Chautauqua Institution.

I was disheartened to hear Nuland's remarks that it is "my spiritual self that enables me to be of use to society...and to love in ways that only members of my species can love."

I am not so sure we are the only species who reason, are of use to their society and express love. But that thinking enables us "as a species" to slaughter and eliminate other species - species critical to the balance and health of habitat in the world.

It is my hope that, just as we are now familiar with DNA we will learn and come to embrace the social and spiritual lives of species other than ours, that we will come to understand other species and their contributions to our world.

Have a look How Wolves Change Rivers on Vimeo‎

I think we need to think a bit bigger, stop thinking of our species as the end all and be all.

And as for educating ten-year-olds to better grasp Science - as a Grade 3 classroom teacher, I would love nothing better. But with high stakes testing in Math and ELA, a Science program requires time I do not have to unpack (given paperwork and data to record and track), we do not work on Science to the extent we would all love to.

I love your program. Carry on.