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There are many silent spaces in my life. In 2003 I had a reaction to an antibiotic that were grand mal seizures. I had never had a grand mal seizure before in my life.
the seizures seperated and literally destoyed my humerous bone and part of my right arm. It took a long time to find a surgeon. At that time I lived in Virginia. Eventually, one was found and a "successful" surgery took place. But, my arm was always in pain, the ma=etal never felt right. It hurt and m body was teling me something. Two years ago I underwent surgery at Mayo Clinic and massive infection was found and the metal was removed. The surgeon was surprised that I was able to tolerate such pain fro so long. I guess our bodiies adapt. I am right handed and our bodies do adapt but, the pain is back and I wonder what my body is saying now. Silent

I did much yoga in College and I miss it. I know that adaptive yoga exists and adaptive Tai Chi as well. Listening to Matthew Sanford's program was motivating but, I never made it out the door. There seem to be too many inhibitions or something standing in the way, perhaps ...Silent Space.

The darkness is part of a daily routine but light does come through with each day. the sun manages to overcome it with insightful words of wisdom and reading, my writing and holding on to hope in any tangible and intangible way that I can. some days are easier than others. I have learned to take it some days one day at time some days one second at a time. If that is what gets me through then so be it. I have made a concerted effort to stay focused in a prayer life even if it is a private one. I have also learned that the darkness that I have so much feared for so long is a part of me, a part of this culture, the world and have come to accept and even embrace it.

Anne Scherer