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A friend told me about Matthew Sanford's book and interview with Krista Tippet. The conversation and ideas described so poetically by Mr Sanford, in tandem with Ms Tippet's attunement to the subtler aspects of his experiences and sense of presence move me greatly.Her questions guide their conversation in a seemingly effortless way. They help reveal the depth of his work and spirit . Mr Sanford's reflections on surrender, healing and the power of breath are reflected in a poem I wrote in recent years while recovering from various injuries. I share it below.

For All of the Healers

I Listen

I listen for your breath.
The sound of your breathing, like sonar,
so that I may locate you from behind closed eyes.

You hold my heart
and the wild beating slows,
the throbbing at my temples melts.

You hold my heart, silent, steady. I become
the sea becalmed at low tide, glassy still.
Awash with release, the horizon endless.

And still
I listen for your breath.

-Bracha Leora Fenster from
Sown in Tears Reaped in Joy/ Poems and Images
c. 2010

Legal Name/Suzanne R Fenster