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Wow! I just listened to the Kevin Kling interview. Maybe serendipity here. Yesterday I visited a son in jail for contempt in a bitter divorce case, thanks to vindictive wife. That was bad, but the worst part was going to his apartment where I witnessed his out-of-control life, littered with papers, empty boxes, packing, hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) in wasted purchases, many in original packaging, there for months. Piles, literally, of garbage bags full of unwashed clothes. When he ran out of clean ones, he just bought more. etc. etc. I read pages covering years of psychiatric evaluations from his doctor, starting in year 2000, witnessing son's struggle with major depression, ADHD, and a diagnosis going from "possible bi-polar" to "probable bi-polar". This Sunday morning I was too exhausted, both emotionally and physically (I'm 77) to go to church so listened to On Being, about another disabled person. So, WOW again. I can't wait to buy his book and send it to my son in jail and share with church group. And get a copy for myself to mark up and dialogue with. Thanks On Being and thanks Kevin.