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Wow! Just listened to Kevin Kling. Maybe a serendipity. Yesterday I visited a 47-year-old son in jail. While that was a horrible experience, it was worse to go to his apartment and witness his out-of-control life. Empty boxes and packaging all over, debris everywhere. In three of the rooms, it was almost impossible to find a path where one could walk. Uncontrolled spending, probably thousands, in expensive clothes, much in unopened packages, electronic equipment, etc. etc. I read pages of psychiatric reports starting in year 2000 with a diagnosis initially of severe depression, ADHD, possible bi-polar. Then later years changing to “probably bi-polar.” These conditions/disabilities cannot be cured in this life, which causes me (age 77) constant despair. Kevin talked about the difference between healing and curing. That gave me hope. I can’t wait to buy Kevin’s book to send my son, then later send him podcast, etc. And buy the book for myself and share, as I mark it up and dialogue with it. I cannot thank you enough, On Being and Kevin. WOW!