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My goodness! As a 64 year old grandfather with three grandchildren, Kevin Kling's imagery of the old and the young being in the same light --- twilight --- was remarkable. I have used too many words trying to explain the power of grandchildren, now I can say it much more succinctly. Yes, I believe God is waiting for me much as he "let me come" into this world. Also, the words he used around his near death experience reminded me so much of my dad. I always believed that he chose not to let his first severe heart attack take him to God. He loved his family too much. Yet, many years and hospital visits later, I entered his hospital room. He looked at me and said it is time now son; I will not be leaving this room. He accepted his death with faith and hope, knowing God was on the other side. I hope Kevin has a similar experience and knows when he will no longer be living in two places.

God's peace,