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I enjoyed this program very much, and would like to thank having broadcast it. Kevin Kling's story was uplifting and brings a new spin on religion and faith that brings up several great points. I enjoyed that Kevin chooses to use humor and storytelling as a therapeutic way of gracing life's little imperfections. The way that Kevin uses his words, carefully, and poetically creates vivid imagery for the audience to place themselves right into his sight of things.
A few parts of the program that gave me that "ah-ha!" moment were, for example, when speaking about his relationship and his grandparents, "...I connected with my grandparents. And I think we were in the same light. I mean, I was in the dawn and they were in the twilight. But we were in the same light. And because of that, they're heading to the Creator and I'm coming from the Creator. And it seemed because of that, we spoke a very similar language." Another moment, in regards to his family and their predisposition to being struck by lightning, "And so as it's coming down, if you're the easiest path, it will take you." Not only would I connect this to the obvious, lighting, but also could be thought of as a relationship with God; Christianity is to seek a relationship with God to be in His kingdom, so if we make ourselves available and our hearts open to Him, then we shall have that relationship we seek.
Thank you again for this program!