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This is a very inspiring inerview of Kevin Kling. He is from Minesota, and was born with a defect. His left arm was disabled and shorter than his right arm. Years later, in his 40's, he was involved in a motorcycle crash which resulted in paralyzation of his right arm. First, I couldnt imagine living with a disability from birth. I suppose one would become used to it as its all they know. But, to deal with that, and then loose the use of the other arm, and almost die in an accident... How easy would it have been to have given up.

He turned these traumas into motivation. He compared life to a journey, always changing. Even if you think that you know the path hat you are on, you may turn a corner and see paths in completely different directions. A Quote that I related to from him was,

"You spend the first half of your life running away from home, and the second half trying to get back in."

This is so true. As we grow as a person, our priorities shift. We think we need to get away to expereince things when we are young, but after we go and do those things,we realize that the important things were around us all along.