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I found this podcast particularly interesting since story teller and humorist, Kevin Kling, is from Osseo Minnesota. He speaks of our "Minnesota accent" and refers to familiar places so it is easy to connect with him. Kevin has been through alot in his life but has been able to turn these trials into encouragement and laughter for others. He was born with a disfigured left arm and when he was 40 was involved in a car accident that took the full use of his other arm. For many, this would lead to depression and the tendency to give up, but Kevin was so thankful for the second chance that he had been given at life that he did not dwell on the negative. He tells of how he was pronounced dead at the scene and one of the witnesses to this day believes he is a ghost. Needless to say, he is very lucky to be alive and he is not willing to waste one moment of his life wondering why this happened to him.

In reference to his riding he said, " it all started because I wanted to fly. I wanted to have a foot in two worlds so I bought a motorcycle and from my body I flew." He loved the freedom he felt while riding a motorcycle but inevidably it almost cost him his life. Even though this was a terrible experience he maintains that there is a blessing in everything when tragedy strikes we are still the old person who just needs to adapt. Crying and laughing both bring healing and we need both to deal with these situations.

I love the way he describes the word disability. He says the prefix "dis" is a place of shadow and reflection so a disability does not mean unability just that things need to be approached differently. I really learned alot from this podcast and I think Kevin Kling truly brings the gift of wisdom, laughter and storytelling. He has turned his disability into something that causes people to connect with him instead of turn away from. I have great respect for him and believe we all need to learn from his attitude.