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He spends much of the program talking about how the loss of his arms have affected his life, and how he has grown because of it. He was born without the use of his left arm, and lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle crash. He told humorous stories of using words to get his way when he was younger, which taught him the value of words and storytelling. At one point he recounts, "As a teen I learned your night before was only as good as your ability to tell about it." He used storytelling throughout his life to bring him joy and to connect with his family. I was surprised when he talked about his problems with PTSD because he came across as so easygoing. He explained that there were days after his accident when he didn't want to do anything, and he was angry at the whole world. This gave him perspective into getting rid of these emotions. He says he can be hit with a flare of PTSD at any time, and it is important to keep himself grounded. His stories were metaphorical in nature, and had deep meanings about dealing with life with disability, or even just being different.