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Hi Kevin:

I found your show very inspiring. We listen to Krista's show all the time. You are a Stand Up Guy.

I also had both a very serious life-threatening disease and (more recently) an accident, myself.

I was lucky enough to survive both my Dengue Fever case, and a broken spine in my accident, without long-lasting injury.

I count my blessings, but realize their are lessons - that I try not to forget.....At least I like to think so (not true always!)

I happen to be starting a small poetry club at our church, and intend to recite (and credit) "Tickled Pink", if that is OK.

From the heart is the only true inspiration - and it is indeed from yours. Fair play to ya, as they say - and all the best to you for the future.

If you have time to respond to this, I am sure it will further inspire our group!