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I really enjoyed listening the Rex Jung's perspective and insight regarding intelligence and creativity. I hold his opinion in high regard because he has looked at both sides in great depth. Being in neuroscience teaches how the brain works and functions while being involved in events such as the "Special Olympics" adds a whole different element.

I think that no matter what level of intelligence we are at, creativity is the factor that makes life enjoyable and purposeful. Jung stated, "it is human characteristics that provides meaning in life" and I couldn't agree more. My sister works in a nursing home and her daily goal is to make the residents' day better. She has found that by simply playing a game, doing an activity or even talking about life events changes the moods and outlook of those she comes in contact with. There is so much "intelligence" that still exists within the patients in every nursing home, but when they are no longer allowed to exercise "creativity" all is lost.