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I have not listened to the show yet, but wanted to respond to your posting. I am fascinated by the topic. I started writing, creatively, 6 years ago. And little by little learning to trust myself to yield into something greater. I am very close to God, but it seems more intimate than God, even though I belief a piece of God is within. There seems some lovely hugeness that wishes to dance its own language into poetry, prose poetry, or prose. And to do it with me. As I have learned to co create, trust it, integrate it, my writing is amazing. (Not the kind of writing I am doing in this moment. People clap and gasp when I read it. I have had 10 of my poems published in a women's quarterly and another 5 accepted for another quarterly. (The only ones I have submitted) . I find this ride quite extraordinary here in my 78th year. I wonder if the aging brain that surrenders to less functioning then yields more easily to this creative force... all in caps. And that is the Greater Self of me, who I am behind the personal, personality self, the little one I am writing to you.