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I am writing this as I listen now to your interview with Dr. Jung on creativity. It is very interesting. Brain development is always of interest to me, especially in the area if dyspraxia.
I would like to request your assistance in ridding our society of the use of the "R" word to describe persons who face daily challenges with intellectual/ development disabilities (IDD). As the mother of a son who faces life with IDD it is hard for me to hear the "R" word used as a description. My son does face life with intellectual disabilities but is physically very capable and in some ways creative as he deals with life. He is a long distance runner in Special Olympics, even serving as a torch runner and cauldron lighter for the National Games in Lincoln, NE in 2010. He has by no means reached his full potential intellectually but thanks to his continued training programs at the age of 28, he is working hard to get there. I have no doubt that his brain continues to develop.