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It's too bad that Rex Jung doesn't know any assertive people, or any people that thrive in a brainstorming environment. I still consider it the best possible dynamic group process for generating new ideas, and have been involved in using it successfully many many times.

The assertives do indeed "thrive" in the brain-storming environ, but generally, top-notch ideas aren't produced. You end up with the "best" of the "so-so" ideas bandied.

The elusive but coruscating, "ground breaking" idea will come from the silent loner of the group. Why? He/she's been thinking and pondering while the assertives are busy being assertive.

Try this: after the brain-storming session has convened, sit down and over a cup of coffee have a tete-a-tete with the reticent guy or gal for the really "great leap forward" idea.