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Listening to your talk with Rex Jung allows me to clearly see once again how mesmerized we are by science and the accumulation of facts, and how it somehow winds up being taken as the form of knowledge par excellence. Our subjectivity about it is endlessly reinforced, making us believe that science truly has all the answers, or that there is very little which we can't figure out scientifically, given time. We are in a such a deep materialistic trance that we can't seem to snap out of it, and perhaps this kind of hard-wiring, as a seeming result of this over-emphasis, is very difficult to undo. Rejecting this outward focus, many have been turning more inwardly - via meditative practices, more spiritually oriented exercises and body work like yoga and chigung, and doing self-inquiry via advaita satsangs - and are thus consciously moving away from this paradigm. Hopefully this activity by more recent generations represents a more selective trend towards an expanded sense of reality, and an even more noble gesture of what our evolution is producing… if we allow it to unfold.