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I listened to ‘creativity and the everyday brain’, an interview with Rex Jung. One of the first things he discussed was that intelligence is not linked to creativity. Someone can be very intelligent and have little creativity, while another can be extremely creative yet not very intelligent. This made me think of a youtube video about Derek Paravicini, a man that is mentally retarded and blind that has extreme musical talent and can play whatever he hears on the piano. Rex explains that with intelligence, the more brain mass and connectivity we have, the more intelligent we will be. However, the less connectivity and brain activity is what creates creativity. Much of the creative process is found in the frontal lobe, so the myth about the left brain (logic) and right brain (imagination) is not necessarily true. Both sides of the brain are necessary for creative thinking. Humor is a large indication of creativity. Many of the same mental process for creativity are used for humor.

Rex explains that creativity is both novel and useful. Art, music, dance, and other creative activities are seen as great things in our world. Yet we have to shut down our intellectual thinking in order to be creative, but this doesn’t mean our creativity is useless. Most of the times we are making our brain concentrate on specific things, like when we study for a test. However for creativity, we actually let our mind wonder, the less we are trying to achieve a specific goal the more creative we will be. Thinking about my own life I see how this is true. I play guitar, and often while trying to make songs I have an idea in my head of how it should sound. The song never sounds good in the end. When I am super bored and just pick up the guitar for something to do I find myself playing a ‘new song’ that is ten times better than anything I have tried to write. When I stop thinking about what I’m playing and just play what pop into my head is when I come up with my best musical creation. This has to do with this creative process that Rex is talking about, the less activity in our brain, the more creativity we show.