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Of late I find myself wondering what civilization -- presumably a construct driven by intelligence and creativity -- is "for." The question behind that is "what drives creativity and intelligence -- and what are they for?" Your celebration and exploration of these two qualities opens that discussion for me. Thank you for going well beyond the "pop ideology" that the everyday mind usually deploys in response to creativity and intelligence -- the rhetoric that values "thinking outside the box" only as a route to business advantage, and lionizes Einstein because of the atom bomb, but sees him as a kind of alien whose brain must be kept in a jar for study. Cultural ambivalence toward intelligence and creativity is an index of their potential to gift and to disrupt. Too often the ambivalence hardens into suspicion and hostility.

Your discussion with Dr. Jung opens a deeper window into these qualities as distinct-but-inseparable aspects of mind. Perhaps they exist, first and foremost, to be themselves and to build a Gestalt that supports their continued survival. In exchange, perhaps as a kind of symbiosis, they offer some compensation for mortality by enriching the experience of life for all who can accept them as natural and human. For those who cherish intelligence and creativity, the main challenge is to make benign and constructive contact that nurtures them for as long as possible.